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Act Audit Office Enterprise Agreement

OICS recognizes that greater flexibility in the attendance and work arrangements is likely to bring benefits to auditors, staff and the Agency itself. The Agency strives to maximize these benefits by appropriately balancing the interests of all parties involved. The conditions of employment of officers are those provided for by the ACT Public Sector Management Act of 1994 and the corresponding public sector management standards, to the extent that the enterprise agreement provides for it. The ACT Audit Office offers interesting and stimulating work and offers a range of flexible working conditions to reconcile the living conditions of each with the needs of the organization. The Agency also supports staff through learning and development opportunities. Employees are recruited in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ACT Public Service Administrative and Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 (Enterprise Agreement). The enterprise agreement offers a number of flexible work practices such as flexible hours (for executive employees), negotiated work schedules and part-time work.

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