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Agreement Between Teacher And Private School In India

The practice of recruiting contracted teachers has crept into the education system without political sanction. The District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) project documents referred to the idea of contract teachers and encouraged practice in intervention schools. However, the recommendations of the National Committee of Ministers of Education (1999), which examined approaches to the implementation of basic general education (EEU), were cited in the recommendations of the National Committee of Ministers of Education (1999). It is worth reading the commission`s comments on this subject: fifth, most administrators agree that the management of several teams of teachers is problematic. Different jurisdictions involve different frameworks, often resulting in complications and confusion that result in administrative delays and the burden of legal proceedings for the Ministry of Education. Fourth, the appointment of contract teachers is highly politicized. Sharma and Ramachandran explain in their 2009 study: „An important aspect of recruiting contract teachers instead of regular teachers was the hope that locally recruited teachers could be more easily held accountable by the local government and local community compared to a remote bureaucrat who sits in the capital of the Land or neighbourhood group. However, over the years, there have been cases in many countries where local elites assign teaching jobs to individuals who have destroyed the goals of responsibility from the beginning. „Even after enrollment in private private, unsubsidized or unregistered private schools is taken into account, the shortage of teachers is very significant. For this reason, the recruitment of para-teachers should be considered a priority when all vacancies must be filled as soon as possible…. The economic argument for para-teachers is that the provision of teachers is possible, as needed, within the financial means available with the states. The non-economic argument is that a locally chosen young person, responsible to the local community, takes on the task of teaching children who have much more interest….

The search for the EEU as a fundamental right implies a certain sense of urgency. This emergency requires appropriate changes in national policy to address local felt needs. Hiring para-teachers is a step in that direction. The governance model in India tends to seek quick or immediate solutions without focusing on a long-term perspective. As regular teachers retire to fixed positions, national governments will need to think carefully about how to fill these vacancies. Madhya Pradesh once declared regular teachers a „dying team“ and was forced to rethink when the Dube committee pleaded for the rebuilding of the teaching framework. In their 2016 study, Beteille and Ramachandran suggest that „if contract teachers are encouraged to work harder in the short term, there is little evidence that they will continue to do so in the long term and without a promise of legalization.“ There is a widespread misunderstanding that it is primarily primary schools that appoint teachers under contract.

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