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Agreement Format Between Company And Labour Contractor

2. The company informs the contractor, for at least eight days, of the date on which the company`s vessel is likely to arrive in that port and when the vessel is anchored in that port, is likely to leave the port after having shipped the goods reserved with the transport company. The company also informs the contractor of the number of workers needed to unload the ship arriving at port and how many workers will be required to load the vessel leaving port. If the contractor does not provide the necessary work on any occasion, the company has the right to hire other workers and the contractor is required to pay the company the costs incurred by the damages suffered. IMPORTANT: This is only a proposed format of the agreement between the contractor and the main employer or the contractor`s format. The agreement between the contractor and the main employer or the contractor`s format must be entered on the stamp paper of appropriate value, as requested by the State Government. 20. The company acts in respect of the contractor, its workers in this agreement, through one or more representatives whose name/name is communicated to the contractor as an authorized representative. The contractual format must be duly signed by the parties in appropriate locations, with proof of their identity in the contractual format.

6. Where the company finds that a worker provided by the contractor is unable to perform the work in question satisfactorily or is not physically able to perform the work in question, the contractor removes such a worker from the service and replaces another worker in his place. The company`s complaint is final and accepted as justified by the contractor or by the employee. 17. The holder pays wages in the rate prescribed by the 1970 Act, in particular. 7. The parties agree on the number of persons the contractor is able to hire to effectively meet its obligations under this agreement. 4. It is the responsibility of the company to give instructions or guidelines on how loading and unloading work is carried out by workers, and the workers provided by the contractor will perform the work accordingly. 14.

The company has the right to deduct from any payment made by the company that must be paid by the contractor in accordance with this contract or by law from all funds that the company is entitled to the contractor under this contract. E. When the authorities terminate the license of the contractor concerned. This agreement between the contractor and the principal employer can be downloaded and amended free of charge to meet the conditional and urgent requirements of the contract format. 24. The holder is responsible for any violation of the relevant provisions, if any, and pays the penalty and management is not liable. The contractor releases the first part of any claim against the first party with respect to the services provided by the contractor. (Equivalent compensation may be attached to the agreement between the contractor and the principal employer) 11. The contractor will arrange food, snacks and soft drinks for these workers, and the company will not be responsible.

The agreement is at________ this ___________day________________________________ between M/s. XYZ Co.Ltd, a company registered under the Companies Act 1956 and headquartered in the first part.“

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