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Antenuptial Agreement Georgia

A common way to try to challenge a validly executed preliminary contract is to say that it was obtained under duress or that a spouse did not have the opportunity to have it checked by a lawyer before being executed. This argument is sometimes used when the agreement is executed near the wedding ceremony. In order to avoid this potential challenge for a preliminary contract, the document should be made available to your fiancé so that he has sufficient opportunity to verify the agreement before the wedding ceremony. The guidelines for the creation and application of a marriage agreement are set out in the Georgian Public Relations Code. To be valid in the context of a future divorce action, your prenup must not interfere with the rights of third parties, pre-buyers or creditors and fulfill these conditions: yes, we strongly advise you to consult a lawyer. We also propose that each party retain its own lawyer, who can better explain the agreement and possible loopholes in the event of a divorce. If under the guidelines set out in the Georgian domestic relations code, the pre-marital and post-ptial arrangements outline issues related to the division of matrimonial property and malnutrition in the event that the couple finally divorces. There are seven important reasons why a notice contract or post-marriage contract should be considered: at Stearns-Montgomery-Proctor, we advocate for marriage and post-marriage agreements in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and we have in mind the best interests of both parties while ensuring that conflicts of interest are avoided. Do you have any questions? Call us at (678) 971-3413 or contact us for a consultation. As you can see, there is a specific way to develop marital agreements and present to your future spouse to be enforceable. If you want to help design or review a marital agreement, it is a good idea to speak today with an experienced family law lawyer in Georgia. Post-nuptial agreements are gaining popularity as financial instruments for already married couples. These agreements (sometimes simply called marriage contracts) are often used to make financial decisions such as setting budgets or separating the commercial assets and liabilities of a spouse from the couple`s finances.

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