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Cpaa Collective Agreement 2020

„We want to continue the negotiations and look at how this could happen,“ Palecek said. „These discussions will take place at the negotiating table. We have said from the beginning that our intention here is not a labour dispute. We want a negotiated collective agreement, and that is always our goal. The Labour Day is a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a union. In this pandemic and the chaos of the current period, the CAPA has many things to celebrate this year: a pay equity settlement, a new collective agreement with major gains and a spotlight on the essential work that our members do. At the end of the week, let`s take a moment to think of others and our Association as a whole, with more than a thousand members, which celebrates with all the millions of workers across the country. As part of this new collective agreement, several significant changes have been made, including a defined contribution pension plan for new workers represented by the CPAA. This defined contribution pension plan applies to all new Employees of Canada Post, with the exception of CUPW employees, and applies to all exempt executives and employees recruited after January 2010. For those who are part of the Public Services Alliance of Canada/Union of Postal Communications Employees (PSAC/UPCE) and represent administrative and technical staff, this change applies to those who were recruited after May 2014.…/les-e…/reunion-annuelle-nationale/… The Post Office and the Union, the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA), both confirmed the agreement, which is described in a letter of understanding between the two companies, obtained by National Observer. It is important to read their collective agreement and know your rights. Shortly before noon Monday, the Canada Post reported that Michel Picher, the arbitrator responsible for renegotiating CPAA collective agreements, had accepted Canada Post`s proposal in the final bid selection process.…/keep-up-to-da…/cpaa-annual-meeting/ „I think it`s a big step forward to include this letter of understanding in the collective agreement,“ she said. Labour Day is a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a union. Even in this pandemic and the chaos of these times, the CPAA has much to celebrate this year – pay equity, a new collective agreement with some big benefits and a highlight of the crucial work of our members.

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