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Gm Reaches Tentative Agreement

Unifor announced Thursday morning that its Master Bargaining Committee has reached an interim agreement for 17,000 members working at General Motors in St. Catharines, Oshawa and Woodstock, Ontario. Here is a schedule of events leading up to the preliminary agreement, which still needs to be approved by workers: Unifor National President Jerry Dias and negotiating committee representatives will hold a virtual press conference at 10 .m to give more information on the interim agreement. GM plans to build a battery production unit as part of a joint venture in the Mahoning Valley in northeastern Ohio, where Lordstown lives. The facility represented by the unions would be part of their promised investments in the proposed agreement, two sources familiar with the situation said, but it would not be explicitly included in the union`s master contract with GM. Negotiators for both sides made progress last weekend following a turbulent press war the previous week. The automaker and the UAW have been in talks since mid-July. Discussions intensified when the two sides were unable to reach an interim agreement before the expiry of the contractual deadline of 14 September and the union ordered a strike. The union representing Canadian workers at General Motors says it has reached an interim agreement after extending negotiations with the automaker. UAW and GM announce that they have reached an interim agreement that still needs to be approved by members before the strike officially ends. The four-year contract, which would have nearly 50,000 workers, indicates the possible end of several months of shutdown that has stopped working in factories and cost the automaker millions of dollars. GM confirmed in a statement that the proposed interim agreement had been reached and that „additional details will be provided in due course.“ The company`s shares closed up 1.1% on Wednesday, while major market indexes were down. GM shares have fallen nearly 6% since September 13 before the strike began.

The Council should review all the details of the proposed preliminary agreement and then vote on whether to send the agreement to members, said Kristin Dziczek, vice president of industry, labor and economics at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. The Council will also decide whether members will remain on strike until a new treaty is ratified. The United Auto Workers on Wednesday signed a temporary labor contract with General Motors Co., a crucial step in ending months of strike action that shut down more than 30 GM plants in the United States. Before the deadline expired, the union stated that the company had not made concrete commitments regarding future product plans and was behind previous agreements between Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. „The national negotiating team`s top priority was to ensure a strong and fair treaty that our members deserve,“ Dittes said in a statement. Out of respect for the members, the union said it would not comment on the details of the agreement until Thursday`s meeting. The United Auto Workers (UAW) union announced an interim agreement with General Motors after weeks of negotiations and one of the longest strikes in the company`s history. The Detroit automaker did not immediately rule on the deal. About 200 local union leaders representing GM employees are expected in Detroit on Thursday for a National Council meeting to vote on the provisional agreement to join the UAW and the date of the end of the strike.

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