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Quebec Nurses Collective Agreement

FIQ President Nancy Bedard said the agreement also meant that all standards for the use of personal protective equipment will be met. The FIQ, which represents nearly 76,000 nurses, respiratory therapists and clinical perfusionists, said it will return to the negotiating table in the coming hours to seek additional compensation for the stress and potential risks the virus may pose. According to the union, the lack of care in the province is also worsening, as many nurses stop working for private agencies where they have more control over their working conditions. In Montreal, the protest was short-lived after police thwarted a plan to walk on the bridge. The protest was only intended to block traffic to the south, with nurses travelling from the Montreal side of the Jacques Cartier Bridge to the south coast. An agreement reached in December between the FIQ and the Quebec government would justify nurses an increase of 9.1 per cent over five years and an increase in the retirement age to 61 instead of 60. MONTREAL — Dissatisfied with their negotiations with the province, nurses from a Quebec union today staged protests to disrupt traffic on the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal and on the Quebec Bridge in Quebec City. FIQ nurses protested on Monday, October 19, 2020. (Photo/CTV News) Instead, about 100 nurses gathered near the foot of Papineau Street for about half an hour, with traffic diverted and the protest ended.

These private agencies, however, give nurses to work in the public sector, Rocha said. Workers who care for or are likely to care for patients with COVID 19 during the pandemic will receive an additional premium. The payment of premiums in a collective agreement that was due to expire on Tuesday is extended by six months. The FIQ represents nearly 80,000 health care workers, including nurses. Their complaints, when they started negotiating their contracts a year ago, would have only gotten worse, they say. MONTREAL — A Quebec nurses` union has reached a six-month agreement with the provincial government to ensure the safety of health workers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as announced Tuesday. In a vote on Wednesday and Thursday, 87 per cent of FIQ members voted in favour of the interim agreement. Members of the Quebec Interprofessional Federation of Health (FIQ), the union representing the largest number of nurses in the province, have approved a new five-year collective agreement. In La Ville de Québec, the FIQ union planned to block traffic on both sides of the bridge on the two ramps, the union said Monday morning. The union`s main demands relate to workload and quality of life.

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