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Sublease Agreement Quebec

The tenant may at any time try to enter into an agreement with the lessor to terminate the rental agreement, preferably in writing. You have found someone who is interested in your apartment, as a zessionarian or under-receiver. Immediately sign a written contract (assignment of the lease or sublease agreement) that depends on the agreement of the lessor. The conclusion of the agreement will be explained later. A sublet is common when a tenant has to move temporarily during their rental period and finds a third party to cover the rents during their time. The owner may not refuse the authorization of subletting or assignment without serious reason. The Administrative Housing Court recommends that you use the very simple conditional contract template it provides under the title assignment of the lease and fill it out before sending the assignment message to the lessor. Other reasons: buying a house, divorce, disagreements between tenants, creating a new household, the need for larger housing, financial problems, moving for employment reasons, etc. do not allow a tenant to force the lessor to terminate the lease. If there is no agreement, the tenant has 2 possibilities: transfer his lease or rent the apartment to another person. The subletting ends no later than the day of the end of the lease of the apartment; However, the subtenant is not required to evacuate the premises until he receives 10 days` notice from the subreliable or, in the event of failure, from the principal tenant. Before signing the contract, give the buyer all relevant information in your possession and let them know if you have received a notice from the lessor such as a notice of rent increase. In the absence of another agreement, the rent is due on the first day of each month (or every week if the lease is made every week).

The rent is considered late the day after its due date. Subletting applies when the person who signed the lease intends to evacuate the unit for a short period of time and expects to return to it later. In case of subletting, the landlord is not required to accept an extension of the current lease with the subtenant. Some sublease conditions may differ from those of the main lease agreement, but must not be contrary to the main lease agreement in order to grant the subtenant more rights than the tenant already has. For example, if it is forbidden to keep an animal in the tenant`s rental agreement, the subtenant cannot keep any of them. On the other hand, if an animal is allowed by the main rental agreement, subletting may prohibit it. It would be the same for a parking lot, etc. Before the sublease is completed, you will, if applicable, need to provide the subtenant with a copy of the building code….

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