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Wto Financial Services Agreement

Kalirajan, K., G. McGuire, D. Nguyen-Hong and M. Schuele (2001), „The price impact of restrictions on banking services,“ in Findlay C. and T. Warren, eds, „Impediments to Trade in Services: Measurement and Policy Implications,“ New York: Routledge. (d) Article I, paragraph 3, point (c), does not apply to services under this appendix. These functions include: facilitating transactions (exchanges of goods and services) in the economy; mobilizing savings (for which outlets would otherwise be much more limited); allocation of funds (including to finance productive investments); Supervisory Manager (to ensure that allocated funds are spent as planned); and transform risk (reduce by aggregation and have it carried by those who are willing to carry it). WTO Secretariat Study on Financial Services (1997): opening up financial services markets and the role of GATS. > overview of the 1995 and 1997 financial services negotiations 9. (a) Each member authorizes the temporary entry of the next staff of a financial service provider of another member who establishes or has established a commercial presence in the territory of his or her member: 4. Each member allows its residents to acquire the financial services covered by point 5 in the territory of another member.

Each member grants financial service providers of any other member the right to establish or expand in their territory, including by acquiring existing businesses, a commercial presence. (a) Despite other provisions of the agreement, no member may be prevented from taking action for prudential reasons, including to protect investors, depositors, policyholders or persons to whom a financial service provider is liable for a trust obligation, or to ensure the integrity and stability of the financial system; If these measures do not comply with the provisions of the agreement, they cannot be used as a means of avoiding the member`s obligations or obligations under the agreement. Members had defined their main negotiating objectives for financial services prior to the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference. As described in TN/S/23, these objectives included that not all measures taken under this paragraph discriminated against the member`s financial service providers who take such action.

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