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Ea Mla Agreement

This is possible through multilateral agreements and contracts (MRA or GWG) between national accreditation bodies and international accreditation bodies (EA MLA, IAF MLA and ILAC MRA). ATS has concluded bilateral cooperation agreements with: On 27 October 2012, ATS was a signatory to the IAF MLA multilateral certification arrangement for product certification on the basis of the aforementioned multilateral agreement with EA, while ATS signed the IAF MLA in management certification on 6 October 2014 and signed the new IAF MLA in the area of person certification on 20 October 2016. The Ea Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) is an agreement among full-fledged EA members, which recognizes the equivalence and reliability of accreditations and compliance assessment results accredited by the signatory states. The EA Multilateral Agreement is an agreement signed among EA members, in which signatories recognize and accept the equivalence of accreditation systems managed by signatory members and the reliability of compliance assessment results accredited by signatory members. It makes the goal „Once accredited, accepted everywhere“ effective. This process also determines the areas in which EA-GWG is applied. Globally, EA-GWA is recognized by IAF and ILAC globally. This means that audit and inspection reports, calibration certificates or certifications of accreditation of organizations accredited by an approved EA-MLA signatory are also accepted as equivalents by the signatories of the IAF-MLA and ILAC-MRA multilateral agreements. All compliance assessment results (for example.

B reports and certificates) submitted by compliance assessment bodies accredited by an EA-MLA signatory are considered part of the EA-GW, provided that the compliance assessment results published by the CAB contain a reference to the corresponding accreditation. The market acceptance of EA-GWG and hence the results of the CBS compliance assessment results accredited by the EAVA signatories is of great importance to the European single market to facilitate cross-border trade and demonstrate compliance with EU legislation on products and services that contribute to the protection of health, safety and the environment. DAkkS is a full member of the following European and international accreditation bodies: Ovim sporazumom upravlja Evroplja organisacija za saradnju u podru`ju akreditiranja (EA) koju je, u skladu sa Uredbom (EC) 765/2008, imenovala Evropska komisija, a zasnovan je na procesu kolegijalnog ocjenjivanja meéu élanovima EA. DAKKS represents Germany`s interests in ea, ILAC and IAF assemblies and committees and holds important positions within these international accreditation organisations. It carried out this task in coordination with the Accreditation Board. At the April 2019 Council meeting, the General Assembly approved the launch of the EA MLA for reference materials manufacturers (EN ISO 17034) at the May 2017 Council meeting. At the end of 2019, there were 8 signatories of the EA MLA for RMP, who submitted 38 accreditations in 2019 and became the first signatories of the MRA ILAC for RMP! Cilj EA MLA/BLA jeste olak`avanje kretanja roba i usluga i ukidanje tehni`kih prepreka u trgovini kroz prihvatanje i stvaranje povjerenja u akreditaci`avnih akreditacijskih tijela aktivnosti ikreditiranih tijela

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