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Nvidia Software License Agreement

No data center. THE SOFTWARE is not authorized to provide data centers, except that blockchain processing is permitted in a data center. Arbitration procedure. For any claims against or disputes or controversies with NVIDIA regarding this LICENCE or that may arise from the use of THE SOFTWARE (all „litigation“), the Client undertakes to contact NVIDIA with U.S. Mail at NVIDIA Corporation, ATTN: Legal, 2788 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, California, 95051 and to attempt to resolve the dispute with NVIDIA. In the unlikely event that NVIDIA was not able to: Resolve a dispute with the client within 60 days of the client`s initial informal claim (or earlier, if, according to NVIDIA, a dispute is not resolved within 60 days), the client and NVIDIA agree on each of these disputes (with the exception of UN employment rights or other fair rights) through a binding arbitration procedure before a Judicial Mediation and Services (JAMS) in Santa Clara 2.2.2 California County as part of optional expedited arbitration then in effect for JAMS, except as stated here. Arbitration is conducted in Santa Clara County, California (or the nearest JAMS office in Santa Clara County), unless the client requests to be heard in the client`s hometown or if the client and NVIDIA agree to something else. There is nothing in this section that prevents any of the parties from requiring an omission or other fair exemption from the courts to the extent necessary to prevent the breach, misuse or violation of the data security, intellectual property rights or other property rights of that party, or any threat of infringement. If, for any reason, it were to be established that this conciliation agreement does not apply to litigation and results in litigation in court and not in arbitration proceedings, the dispute will be brought exclusively to a state or federal court in Santa Clara County, California. 3.1 The related software, modifications and intellectual property rights are owned by NVIDIA or its licensees and are licensed to you under this Agreement. NVIDIA`s licensees benefit from a third-party regime with the right to enforce this agreement with respect to their intellectual property rights. The use of NVIDIA products requires three elements: THE SOFTWARE, the hardware on a graphics controller card and a PC.

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