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Scottish Water Wayleave Agreement

With regard to a water development service, a constituent authority for water; If you don`t have tap water, always check first to see if the faucet has been turned off. The rooster should be easy to find in the house, often under the sink. There is a second one outside the property`s border, controlled by Scottish Water. 3The applicants also publish in the Edinburgh Gazette a notice indicating that they are about to apply for a contract in accordance with the corresponding section, indicating the delivery limits of the water service and the area of the water development committee concerned by the regulation, indicating a place where a copy of the draft contract and a relevant plan can be accessed. , and give the name and date of publication of a local newspaper in which the notice of effect of the requested order can be found. 7. The obligation to provide or close a water hose or to grant another benefit or benefit to a water management authority taken in light of a commitment to which this section applies is not considered to have ended solely because of the expiry of this part of the undertaking mentioned below. (2) In the subsection (1), the reference to water in the underground layers should be interpreted as a reference to water contained in layers contained on the surface of a country other than a sewer, pipe, reservoir, reservoir or other underground work constructed in such layers. 2. If, in the case of a house that is already supplied with water but does not have a separate supply pipe, the authority is obliged to inform the owner of the delivery of such a pipe, the owner must, within three months, place such a large part of the necessary pipe that it is a supply pipe and must not be placed on a street. , and the Authority, within 14 days of doing so, places enough of the necessary hose for it to be a communications pipe or a supply pipe to be placed on a street, and to create all the necessary connections.

32 (1) When a person is intentionally or negligently injured or injured, a company-owned or fraudulently owned water deposit alters the index of a meter they use to measure the water they have supplied, or prevents such a meter from properly recording the amount of water supplied or using it fraudulently. , or, without prejudice to a right or recourse to the companies in this area, it is punishable by a fine of up to USD 25, and companies can carry out all the necessary work to repair the injuries suffered or to ensure the proper operation of the meter and to recover seasonally the costs they have thus borne by the company.

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