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Site Agreement Manager Leo Pharma

Niclas Kollbom Karlsson, Managing Director of GSK Sweden, thinks about his first five years at the helm of the local company… – „Once Coor takes over its internal services, we can focus on our core skills of drug development, manufacturing and marketing. With Coor`s experience in services, we can improve our profitability and flexibility,“ says Karsten Sérensen, Director of Supply Chain Management at LEO Pharma. Leading players in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry explain why Sweden`s cancer treatment record is the best in Europe and this… Experienced manager with excellent knowledge of human resources management Your training is preferably in logistics or supply chain management. You have been in charge of a distribution centre for several years. You are a collaborative team player, used to working in a results-oriented environment. In addition, you are an experienced leader, able to create and motivate a committed team. Finally, it is preferred if you have experience with Navision. Please apply via the link on our website and be sure to attach the app and CV. The deadline expires on January 15, 2020.

They are responsible for promoting good practices in all areas of human processes, which establish the company`s reputation as an employer of choice and effectively provide service level standards. The HR Manager supports managers and employees throughout the life cycle of employees, i.e. recruitment/selection and onboarding, employee engagement (performance management, Training – Development, Communication) and resignations (voluntarily and involuntarily). – „This task for LEO Pharma represents for us an important and strategic step in the Rapidly Growing Danish market. Coor`s Danish operations are growing significantly, as we provide services to the pharmaceutical industry – which we have only done in Sweden so far,“ says Mats Jonsson, CEO of Coor Service Management. TFS is a leading company that offers clinical development solutions to biopharmaceutical companies…. Som bliver NDP project leader of the overordnet ansvarlig for the NPD process in i virksomheden. From skal sikre fremdrift og kvalitet i NPD-projekterne, herunder sikre timing, ressource samt kommunikationen blandt alle stakeholders. From the holder s`ledes overblikket over samtlige NPD-projekter i virksomheden, der typisk l`ber fra 1-3 er fra start til slut.

Communication and stakeholder management skills It is advantageous to have experience in line management and management, but this is not a requirement, although since you will manage the project manager, practical project management experience is required. Experience in developing and executing a PMO function or changes in a project management context is also a prerequisite for this position. If you have experience working in the pharmaceutical industry or any other regulated industry, that is an advantage.

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