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Unicredit Deferred Prosecution Agreement

France`s BNP Paribas SA pleaded guilty in 2014 and paid a record $8.9 billion fine. Other banks expected significantly lower penalties and deferred lawsuits, including Amsterdam-based ing Bank, which paid $619 million in 2012, and Zurich-based Credit Suisse Group AG, which paid $536 million in 2009. UCB AG also entered into an admission of guilt and a fine of approximately $316 million with DANY. [42] UCB AG pleaded guilty to falsifying first-degree commercial documents and conspiracy to the fifth degree for transporting hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of county and bank-sanctioned facilities in Manhattan. Bank Austria separately entered into a joint non-prosecution agreement with DOJ and DANY and lost US$20 million in transactions between sanctioned companies. [43] UniCredit S.p.A. has separately agreed to ensure compliance with the obligations of UCB AG and Bank Austria to DOJ and DANY. [44] According to DANY, the UniCredit Group investigation was conducted following an earlier investigation by IRISL in 2011, which identified certain usd payment activities related to the UniCredit Group. [45] The Bank`s Integrity Division investigates and pursues several complex and international criminal proceedings involving financial institutions.

The Group`s lawsuits are focused on banks and other financial institutions, including their executives, executives and employees, whose actions threaten the integrity of the institution or financial system. In addition, UCB AG has entered into a plea contract with the New York Attorney`s Office (DANY) for violating New York State law, under which it will pay $316,545,816. BA also entered into a non-prosecution agreement with DANY for violating New York State law. DANY and the Department of Justice conducted their own investigation. In accordance with the provisions of the non-prosecution agreement and the presentation of facts, BA used opaque methods between 2002 and 2012 to send payments through the United States in sanctioned jurisdictions such as Iran. BA conspired to violate IEEPA and defraud the United States by conducting transactions worth at least US$20 million through the United States on behalf of clients in Iran and other countries or conducting transactions subject to U.S. economic sanctions or to clients subject to other economic sanctions. As a result of its crimes, BA will lose $20 million and has agreed on further improvements in compliance and sanctions. As part of a non-prosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, the group`s German subsidiary, UniCredit Bank AG, will plead guilty in the District of Columbia if it has handled multi-million dollar transactions on behalf of Iran`s public naval fleet, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL).

Bank Austria has entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the DOJ and is losing US$20 million in the sanctioned transactions. [5] Under the non-prosecution agreement, Bank Austria was employed by similar transfers and opaque payment of payment messages on behalf of Iranian customers, including Saderat Bank, an SDN. [6] UniCredit S.p.A. has expressed its distinct readiness to ensure compliance with the obligations of UCB AG and Bank Austria to DOJ. [7] UCB AG will drop the charge and will be charged in criminal proceedings with a single charge, according to documents to be filed in the Federal Court of the District of Columbia and accuses UCB AG of knowingly and deliberately committing IEEPA offences and of deceiving the United States from 2002 to 2011.

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